High percentage of the human body is water and, therefore, it is very easy to cook human beings with the use of microwave weapons; weapons that operate invisibly at the speed of light and are commonly described as non-lethal weapons, while, actually, they can heat a tissue, they can burn and they can also kill... In seconds, invisibely, with no trace...

Cooking a human being is torture or even (a slow motion) murder. Therefore, the hidden operators of those weapons, even if covert by the so called Active Denial System (ADS), are nothing else, but torturers and murderers.

With this brief statement opening my blog, I want to make it clear to those involved in commiting those covert crimes (that btw. are the most horrible crimes ever commited in the human history and, if not stopped within the next decade or so may lead to the end of humanity) that I never gave, I do not give and I will never give my consent to this nor any other torture and/or experimentation and I strongly request that you STOP COOKING ME, STOP GANG STALKING ME and STOP MIND CONTROLLING ME.

I am not a chicken! And, I am not a guinea pig!

I am a human being.

Respect me.