As a child I always loved and enjoyed looking at the sky and I still remember well how it looked like years ago, at least where I used to live. I liked looking at the clouds during the day and at the stars at night. I still do that, but, today, I feel disturbed when looking up. Stars can be rarely seen at all the way they used to be and clouds seem bizarre to say at least.

Every day, I look up at the sky and every day I see them spraying toxins, and, sometimes, it truly looks insane. Geoengineering is real and is evil. What is also disturbing that most people do not seem to care, do not seem to even notice, do not seem to pay any attention.

Fortunately there are some who do care and pay attention and with this short post I wanted to Thank Dane Wigington and his team for chalenging and fighting this sickening crime back. And, I wish them all the best and all the luck in the world.