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Archive for July 2016

Technology is neither good nor bad, but plan is Orwellian

, 10:56

Technology is neither good nor bad. With a knife one can make a sandwich and save life of a hungry person or one can kill a person. It all depends on how do we understand and use it. However, today...

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Watch the sky and watch this important lawsuit against Geoengineering

, 08:20

As a child I always loved and enjoyed looking at the sky and I still remember well how it looked like years ago, at least where I used to live. I liked looking at the clouds during the day and at the...

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Pokemon Go Obsession

, 07:02

Recently, I have been told by a dear friend that I am obsessed with the Pokemon Go. Ironically, I never played this game, nor I ever intend to. I did spend few hours though on researching it just to...

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, 03:55

High percentage of the human body is water and, therefore, it is very easy to cook human beings with the use of microwave weapons; weapons that operate invisibly at the speed of light and are commonly...

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