Recently, I have been told by a dear friend that I am obsessed with the Pokemon Go. Ironically, I never played this game, nor I ever intend to. I did spend few hours though on researching it just to understand what is it about, what is its purpose. I did this as I very much care about a 12 year old boy, who started to be attracted to this insane, designed by the CIA hand John Hanke, game, only because his friends play it... And, because I care, I began to reflect...

What have we all became? How careless are we?

Facing children, shouldn’t we care more about being honest?

I find it sad that in XXI century, we still, do not dare to guide the children of this world to teach them the value of being unique, the value of individuality, and, instead, we irresponsibly allow them to be sucked into the brain-washing machine, the system, created by the evil, self proclaimed, elites, designed to enslave us all, enslave humanity.

If you care about children, please tell them the truth...

Brilliantly written article by Sam Gerrans:

Even Forbes journalist Curtis Silver concludes that this sick game is about mind control: ¨If that isn’t mind control, I don’t know what is.¨

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